Unveiling Chaos Sneak Peek


Unveiling Chaos releases in just seven weeks!! 🙂 Amazon pre-order links below ❤ as well as the full scene from this teaser ^^ 😉

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Damien was due over any minute, so I fastened my short white robe around myself, smoothing down the fluffy fabric before taking one last look in the mirror. I kept my makeup simple, only a couple coats of mascara and some nude lip balm that tasted like mint. Even though, at that moment, I couldn’t see what was hidden underneath the robe, I still smiled at what I knew, pleased with my choice. It was a simple lingerie set: a white thong connected to white thigh high stockings, and a simple white bra with black lace sewn overtop, pushing my boobs up impossibly high.

The knock sounding at the door had me quickly pinching my cheeks a few times and puffing up my hair. My feet made soft thumps against the floor as I crossed our small apartment. Looking through the peephole, I smiled at the sight. I’d never get used to how attractive he was. His sandy blond hair was tied up high on the back of his head, and his large frame was encased perfectly in his all black Swerved attire. Without wasting any more time, I opened the door and leaned against the frame, twirling the robe’s belt.

“Hell—” I started to greet him. I hadn’t even gotten one full word out before Damien smashed his mouth down on mine. This passion wasn’t anything new, but it surprised me every time. How in command he was, how much he wanted me. Why hadn’t it always been like this? Why didn’t I realize this was what I deserved? This was what Caleb deserved too. I wasn’t too proud to admit I never gave him this level of want either. And honestly everyone deserved someone who made me feel like Damien did.

He pulled back a few minutes later, both of us out of breath.

“Hey,” he murmured before placing one last simple kiss on my lips. I smiled against them before he pulled back and looked me over for the first time. His eyes widened in appreciation as he stared at my legs, his hungry gaze practically setting me on fire. I stepped back some and gently wrapped my hands around the drawstrings before slowly undoing the knot and pulling the robe open. Placing my hands on my bare hips to keep it open, I felt the cool air hit my skin as goose bumps completely ruined the fact that I’d shaved my legs this afternoon. But the way Damien was looking at me, it was more than worth it, it was a tantalizing mixture between tender and carnal as he continued to eye fuck me.

Rowdy male voices sounded down the hall and as they got closer I saw Damien’s eyes narrow before he quickly shoved me back and entered my apartment. He turned away from me to slap the door close before locking it. I watched him take several deep breaths, his shirt rising and falling with his massive frame, before he pivoted around. His eyes were practically black as he stalked toward me with a scowl on his face.

“What?” I asked with mock innocence as I shuffled backward, looking down at my lingerie. “You don’t like it?”

He growled. “I fucking love it. What I don’t love”—he paused and grabbed my hips, pulling me toward him—“is the idea that all those assholes would have fucking loved it, too. You can’t stand in the goddamn doorway dressed like this.”

He didn’t give me a chance to respond before he sealed his mouth over mine and started backing me down the hall.

I’d say the lingerie was a success…

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