Excerpt from Unveiling Chaos!

Here is an (unedited, unofficial) excerpt from Naomi’s story, Unveiling Chaos, coming Fall 2016…

Naomi was pulling her skirt back down when a hard, loud knock sounded at the door. Her eyes widened slightly, but other than that she made no move to fix her hair or remove that “just fucked” look.

“Yeah?” I asked, all the while keeping my eyes on her.

“There’s a situation up in the VIP area, we need some more muscle,” Rex, one of my five coworkers for tonight, called out.

“I’ll be out and up in two.”

He thumped his fist against the door once more in acknowledgement before I heard him walking back down the hall.

“Would you give me a chance to change your mind?” I asked as Naomi slid on one of her shoes that had fallen off.

“About what?” She touched both her ears, most likely checking that her earrings were still on. I grinned in response, yeah, the sex had gotten pretty wild.

“About me being impressive?” I smirked and crossed my arms, feigning casual to make her feel a little more comfortable.

Her eyebrows had been bunched in confusion, but they quickly rose into her hairline in disbelief. “I’m not looking—”

“Me neither,” I cut her off quickly. I knew it had been coming, so my reply was ready. While Naomi tried to hide it, and she hid it well for the most part, I could see the apprehension in her. Somehow I just knew she wouldn’t be looking for a relationship, even if she wasn’t a one-night stand kind of girl either.

And truthfully if I were smart about it, I’d realize I didn’t have time for one either. But when a smart, gorgeous, feisty girl entered your life, you didn’t ask questions, you didn’t second-guess, you took her.

And I was taking her.

I wasn’t looking for a casual fuck like she may have assumed, I wanted something serious. I hadn’t been actively seeking it out because I hadn’t felt like I was missing something. But as I watched her eyes turn weary, I could slowly feel myself becoming empty.

People always talked about meeting that one special person and instantly feeling full, feeling more complete. And maybe that would come. But right then all I felt was hollow. Because even though I had her in front of me, she wasn’t mine yet, and all her presence was doing was making me realize that she was what I’d been missing—even if I hadn’t known it.

Looking at the wall behind her, I thought about what to say next. “What I’m asking is, do you want to—?”

“Be your fuck buddy?” Naomi finished with a grin before putting a hand to her chest, batting her eyelashes and faking a swoon. “Why I thought you’d never ask. It’s what every girl dreams about.” Despite the levity to her statement, I could see her seriously contemplating it.

“But there won’t be anyone else,” I demanded harshly. “You don’t sleep with anyone but me, and I don’t sleep with anyone but you.” I held my breath as I waited for her to respond, uncharacteristically anxious she’d say no. It wouldn’t matter if she did, I’d still pursue her. But I wanted to know that she felt even a spark of what I already felt for her.

Several seconds of silence passed before she nodded, all while reaching into her purse and pulling out a piece of paper. After looking around for a pen, she quickly jotted something down before handing the crumpled paper to me. I smiled down at the number staring back at me as I heard the door open and shut, signaling her exit. I didn’t mind her lack of goodbye and speedy exit this time.

Tapping the paper, I began thinking about how I’d work this, how I’d gently bring her around to the idea of a relationship. I could tell Naomi wanted control. It was in the way she carried herself, in the way spoke, in the way she kissed. Every time I had pushed, she pushed back a little harder and gripped a little tighter, she was begging for more of it, which was how I knew that eventually she would come around to the idea. I just needed to give her time.

Naomi wasn’t ready yet. But I didn’t mind waiting, after all… good things come to those who wait.


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