Unveiling The Sky


Sometimes there’s no tragic event.
Sometimes there’s just sadness. Just numbness.
Sometimes it’s just a depression you can’t understand. 

When Alara’s depression reaches its pinnacle she’s left feeling broken, vulnerable, and more than a little uneasy about moving forward. And although she’s made it to the other side she discovers that the hardest battle may simply be moving on and accepting the hardship she’s been given. Because by all accounts she should be happy, but she isn’t and she still can’t understand why. So she’s moving forward, but with the weight of her guilt and the constant fear of another episode, is she really living? Or has the fear of another episode become just as crippling as the episode itself?

Then she meets Gabriel, a grieving soul struggling to get past his mother’s death and figure out his future. As he reconciles his past and begins planning his future, it becomes clear that he wants Alara in it. He wants the sarcastic, fearful girl that always seems just a little bit out of reach. But will the girl who’s never been able to see a future give him a chance? And when he discovers her darkness, will he still love her through it?

Will she let him?

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Praise for Unveiling The Sky


Unveiling The Sky is a hidden gem in the New Adult contemporary romance world. It’s a strong debut and I hope it offers comfort and support to sufferers of depression. It certainly did to me.

– Ava, Always Books Blog

This book is a MUST READ!!!! LOVED IT! I have read a decent chunk of books regarding different emotional, mental, and or physical issues. I am though in complete awe of this book. Not only does it speak the truth, it also can give those that are dealing with the difficulty some hope. This story has everything you need.

-Traci, Book Plus Heart Blog

The book touches on everything from life, death, friendship, family, cancer, depression, acceptance, forgiveness, and more. Jeannine Allison did an incredible job of tackling the subject of depression, bringing it to life, describing it, but also showing so much hope. I didn’t expect to relate to it so much, but from page one I understood both Gabe and Alara, their story had parts of my own story. I think every reader will find something in this book that touches them, that connects and resonates.

– Carlene, Carlene Inspired