Unveiling Ghosts


Four years ago, Sherry lost everything. Her house. Her parents. And Hunter, the love of her life. She left the small town she’d called home and tried not to look back. He’s gone. Move on. Don’t think of him. But when she learns Hunter is alive, she’s forced to question that awful night when everything was ripped away from her.

Four years ago, Hunter lost Sherry. She was his home, his family, and the love of his life. He abandoned the town that held so many painful memories, but he couldn’t stop himself from looking back. Where was she? How was she? Did she think of him, too? But when his father’s death brings both of them back home, he must deal with the fallout from his choice all those years ago.

Hunter and Sherry were childhood friends, high school sweethearts, and everything in between. Hunter always told her…

Ours is a love people write stories about.

But will it be a fairytale or a tragedy?

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Praise for Unveiling Ghosts

Unveiling Ghosts has everything I love in a story. First the characters Sherry and Hunter are deep, multi layered characters and their story is very well developed with so much heart, love and intensity. This is a story about true love. An epic love story.

– Malene, Bad & Dirty Books

I am amazed at how Jeannine Allison is able to create such lovable and unique characters. There are no carbon copies in her books — and that takes some talent.

– Erika, Goodreads reviewer

This book is hypnotizing. It sent me into a spiral of emotions that left me thinking about growing up and falling in love, but most of all, it started to make me believe in a kind of magic I had never allowed myself to see before.

– Catherine, Ethereal Pages